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Use dedicated server hosting to get more accessibility of resources

Dedicated server web hosting is a kind of web hosting where a customer spends a server from a web hosting supplier. This server isn’t shared with some other clients. The main sign of the dedicated server hosting arrangement over shared one is its power and adaptability. With the dedicated hosting services the customers get all-out freedom and can completely deal with their online presence. Some dedicated hosting alternatives also give extra highlights like control boards, applications, security programming, malware filtering, malware removal, SSL certification, and OS installation. The customer has the adaptability to pick a modest server platform that accommodates their present needs and to move up to an all the more powerful equipment/programming solution when it’s required. They have full root or administrator access to the server over an SSH connection and can administrate it without paying extra charges for a server administration service.

The customer who spends the server has complete control over the server even the fact that the server is situated at the hosting supplier’s server center. Other than physical storage capacity the hosting organization gives the customer’s server with power, web and frequent support for the working framework and applications. These are ordinarily additional items; however, some hosting suppliers incorporate them with the cost of the server. Server the executives are diverse based upon the hosting supplier so it is essential to perceive what benefits a specific desiccated hosting organization gives. Server the executives may incorporate working framework upgrades, application updates, application monitoring, interruption recognition, server checking, SNMP equipment checking, specialized help, firewall administrations, against infection updates, security reviews, disaster recovery, DNS hosting, load adjusting, database organization, execution tuning, DDOS insurance and mitigation, backups and reclamation, programming establishment and design, client management, and programming conference. The dedicated server hosting cost is less contrasted with the resources you require for setting up and operate your very own server machine in a hosting server center. Additionally, the customers can pick the server’s working framework and the product packages to be installed.


We often get questions with respect to which hosting plan is best for particular or organization depends on their particular needs. In these cases, we initially recommend assessing your current hosting solution and how it is functioning for you now. Is it excessively moderate? Is your server experiencing sporadic changes dependent on the hour of the day? These are the two markers that more resources might be required. Changing server execution would be a sign that neighboring servers/clients are possibly negatively affecting your server’s exhibition. Things like this speak to the drawbacks of Shared and VPS Hosting. With a Dedicated Server hosting, your assets are 100% yours. You will never be affected by close by customers, and you will experience the consistency of usability.


  • Server resources are not shared: At the point when you pick a dedicated hosting supplier, you get the full assets of a single server. You don’t have to stress over different sites stopping up the server’s resources. With a dedicated server, you can be certain that awful contents running on another site or spikes in transmission capacity utilization won’t back your server off.
  • Reliability: While shared hosting and different arrangements are entirely dependable, you don’t share resources with different clients on a Dedicated Server. That implies those assets are working solely towards keeping your site fully operational. This is particularly valid during traffic spikes and different periods when you experience the most extreme guest volumes.
  • Execution:  Again, you are not imparting assets to some other client so you get the additional advantage of your entire server’s execution power guaranteeing your site runs at top execution.
  • Configuration:  With root access on our Core and Unmanaged Servers, you have authority over the way your server is designed. Feel free to establish the custom applications, design explicit server settings just as you would prefer and gain access to your server logs.
  • Enhanced performance and security: The best part is that A2 Hosting deals with your security when you select our Core and Managed Server alternatives! We’ll deal with the most recent security fixes and updates!
  • Adaptability: Versatility implies you’ll experience various benefits like having the resources to include new programming packages, the capacity to deal with extra site traffic, handling more requests and staying aware of database development. A dedicated server gives access to organizations with a customizable server environment that fits their needs.


Factors to consider while choosing a cloud hosting company to scale your business online

Use of Advance technology increasing in everyday life, it is necessary to stay online for your business. A company that needs high internet data usage, then they switch to cloud for efficient use. There are multiple clouds hosting service provider offers a strong practical solution to help scale any business. When you are looking for a highly efficient cloud hosting provider then there are some factors to consider.

cloud hosting


  • Hosting Support: Suppose, you are doing a business conference call by promoting your website at night at 1 pm. And suddenly your site goes down. Then make sure there will be someone to respond or solve your query.  So it is recommended to choose a cloud hosting company that offers strong customer & technical support when anything goes wrong.
  • Multi-Layer Security: Security is the thing, where you cannot compromise. Reliable cloud hosting service provider manages security at all levels such as host, network & physical setup.  When you are using the service of hosting company you should check advance security such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, IDS & IPS, access control system.
  • Backup, Storage and Retrieval: Best Cloud hosting company offers efficient data backup which is useful in any emergency, corruption and other data loss. Choose a hosting company that offers a general backup system.
  • Reliability: Before taking any decision, make sure how reliable the cloud hosting service is. Check whether the cloud server consistently handles robust bandwidth & data exchange in uptime. If your site has robust traffic in uptime then it is mandatory to partner with reliable hosting providers.

Above are some top factors to consider while choosing a hosting provider. There are multiple hosting companies available on the Internet marketplace that offers flexible, fast cloud hosting solutions to run your business smoothly. Hire a Cost-Effective hosting company for your business.

All About Shared Web Hosting

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

In order for your web site to look on the web your files, pages, and software system applications got to reside on a server. That server then connects to the web and permits folks to access your website.

There area unit many choices of the way to get your website on the web. You’ll host your own server in your facility, use another facility (co-location), prefer to have your files on one server provided by your host (dedicated hosting) otherwise you will prefer to share server house with others at your supplier.

Shared web hosting suggests that you share the server resources with others. You’ve got complete access to your account and solely your account and a group quantity of resources and options.

Shared hosting may be a variety of net hosting wherever one physical server hosts multiple sites. Several users utilize the resources on one server, that keeps the prices low. Users every gets a district of a server within which they’ll host their web site files. Shared web hosting will hosts many users. Every client mistreatment the shared hosting platform’s server has access to options like databases, monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and different add-ons offered by the host. System resources are shared on-demand by customers on the server, and everyone gets a proportion of everything from RAM and computer hardware, and different parts like the one MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server.

shared web hosting


Why Choose Shared Web Hosting:

While you’ll not essentially work well inside a shared web hosting surroundings there’s a reason shared hosting is that the most well-liked. it’s the foremost reasonable choice out there for paid hosting solutions. most people, tiny businesses, medium-sized businesses, and moderately trafficked websites can thrive in very shared hosting surroundings.
Web hosting may be an extremely competitive business, therefore it’s common to search out hosts that give reasonable packages made in options. Some blessings include:

  • Price – Monthly fees area unit terribly reasonable and you’ll usually get even additional of a reduction if you pay in a very payment for the complete year.
  • Scalability – Most hosts have a spread of packages. the tiniest package comes with rock bottom disk space and information measure allotments and should additionally solely have a minimum quantity of extra options. Then there’s generally graduating packages that embody extra options for a bigger value. you’ll be able to select the minimum package you’ll be able to flee with then upgrade as your web site grows.
  • Features – Most hosts lately have ample choices in options which will suit almost everyone’s wants. enclosed during this is usually one-click installation of in style scripts which will add practicality to your web site. Forums, blogs, chat, calendars and additional area unit samples of scripts will be enclosed in your package.


Advantages Of Shared Web Hosting :

  • It’s more cost-effective :
    Shared hosting provides the foremost efficient hosting answer. With many of us conducive towards the prices of the server, the hosting company’s prices are distributed between them. Basic plans begin at around $30 a year whereas you’ll be able to expect to pay over $100 a year for premium plans with unmetered space, unlimited information measure, and unlimited websites.
  • It’s versatile: New on-line ventures will begin with a shared arrange and upgrade while not trouble as their web site grows.
  • It’s simple to self-manage: Shared hosting is easy and simple to line up. Most suppliers provide a bearing panel to manage your web site. This simplified computer program manages the executive tasks and any watching duties related to running a server.

How to Install MySQL 8.0 on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8

The latest version of MySQL 8.0 is available to install from the default AppStream repository.
MySQL module is enabled by default on the CentOS 8 and RHEL 8 systems.
We can install it using YUM command.

# yum -y install @mysql
# systemctl start mysqld
# systemctl enable --now mysqld
# systemctl status mysqld

MySQL 8 Initial Security :

MySQL security script use to remove test MySQL server databases, remove anonymous users in the database, disable remote root login, set the password strength.
To run this script, we need to execute below command;


When run, you are prompted whether to enable or disable password policy. If enabled, set the password policy and create the password that matches your chosen policy.

It will ask you to configure “VALIDATE PASSWORD PLUGIN” which is used to test the strength of the MySQL users passwords and improve the security.
There are three levels of password validation policy, low, medium, and strong. Enter 0 , 1 or 2 as per your requirements.

Next, it will ask you to set a password for the MySQL root user.
Next, it will ask you to remove the anonymous user, restrict root user access to the local machine, and remove the test database.
You should answer “Y” (yes) to all those questions.

Once MySQL installation is secured, you can login to the MySQL and create new databases and users etc.

If you need any further assistance please do contact our support department at [email protected]

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Dedicated Server Hosting

When you are thinking about purchasing reliable hosting to build an online presence of your site, then it is a must to research all features which you will get from a web hosting provider. In the web hosting field, the meaning of dedicated server hosting is a rent complete server space to a company for individual use. It means the company doesn’t have to share resources such as disk space, bandwidth with other users.

Dedicated server hosting is usually suitable for large businesses, particularly e-commerce websites which manage a large amount of traffic. These eCommerce business sites cannot take a risk to face downtimes which may arise the vast loss of their businesses. This is the reason, most businesses choose dedicated hosting plans as this plan offers disk storage space, unlimited data transfer speed, high uptime, excellent tech support, and security.


How Dedicated Server Works?

In dedicated hosting, the server is managed by an individual company that gives great flexibility and customizability to manage large traffic spikes. Dedicated server hosting is typically supported by robust technical support from the web hosting provider. Here, the client can create no. of domains on that specific server. This feature is particularly useful for large companies that have multiple departments or have several retail outlets. This is a cost-effective solution for these companies to choose dedicated hosting rather than spending money on separate servers for each department. Here we have explained Top 6 reasons why companies going with Dedicated Server Hosting.

  1. Private Communication: With this option, you will get security for preventing your business communication from scammers & hackers which also prevents from affecting your company computers. Once the devices of an organization are connected via a dedicated server hosts, they can cut out the internet as a middleman and exchange messages instantly.
  2. Dedicated IP Address: In dedicated server hosting, the client website has a unique IP address which gives the unique identity. Any server-related issues like traffic don’t have any impact on the website as it has a dedicated IP address. This dedicated IP address also helps in increasing the reputation of any company and is free of blacklisting of IP addresses due to the actions of any other user present in the server.
  3. Full Control over Applications: With dedicated hosting, you have the authority to decide which site management tools & other applications you have to use for developing your site efficiently.
  4. Reliable Processing: In a dedicated hosting environment, the user doesn’t have to worry about the processing power of the CPU, as the user needs processing power for running his applications. As the processing power is not distributed amongst other occupiers, so there is no slowing down of the applications.
  5. Heavy Traffic Severs: If your website has high visitor traffic or more page views then you must go with dedicated server hosting. This hosting bandwidth gives you maximum responsiveness and reliability to manage the heavy user traffic of your websites.
  6. Windows and Linux based Dedicated Customizable Servers: You can either choose Windows or Linux dedicated servers. Choose according to your hosting requirements. Both operating systems provide the same level of security. A windows-based dedicated server is suitable for websites or applications developed on ASP or ASP. NET scripting platform, consuming Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) databases. Although Linux based server is referred to if your website and applications are developed using PHP and MySQL.

These are some of the reliable & effective reasons that have made a dedicated server a priority for e-commerce sites which must be organized to manage large amounts of traffic at all times. Dedicated server hosting is suitable for high traffic sites and sites using resource-intensive applications.

Why Plesk Hosting to host your Site?

If you are planning for purchasing new hosting for your site then you don’t have only think about the budget but also think about what kind of hosting service would be best for you and the functionality of your site.  If you want to host a large database of information then you will need a robust and reliable system that able to handle huge amounts of traffic without crashing.

 When any web hosting solution like VPS or dedicated server is powered by the Plesk control panel or Plesk license is pre-installed on the server, it is known as Plesk hosting. Basically, Plesk is a web hosting platform and the most common brand of the control panel in the market. It allows users to perform a variety of actions while they create their websites. The purpose of this program is to make web hosting easier with a user-friendly interface.



Why Plesk hosting?

Plesk control panel offers valuable advantages that allow users to adapt it to the host site. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Operating System Flexibility

Many companies are preferred to work on Linux machines, while others would like to work on Windows. Parallels Plesk is the solution for both Windows and Linux compatible versions. Your team uses the same control panel on both operating systems with ease; you can easily switch between other platforms.

  • User-friendly Interface

Plesk is the best solution for hosting companies because now users recognize that it is easy to access and comprehensive. However suitable management of a Plesk server does take a knowledgeable sysadmin. The interface of Plesk is significantly more navigable than another option like Remote Desktop. You are able to deal with own server as well as client accounts with ease. You can also take backup or restore Plesk system databases with some easy commands.

  • Multi-Tenant at affordable price

When you want to offer your own web hosting packages to multiple customers, it’s necessary to have a system that allows for multi-tenancy at a cheap cost.  Plesk Panel offers the separation fundamentals which is necessary to easily resell the same core system to multiple tenants.

  • APS Catalog

In the future, there will be a mandatory situation for your IT team to offer specific web applications to your domains. With Plesk’s APS Catalog, you can browse and insert applications to your server’s Application Vault, while still in your Plesk Panel interface.  These reduce the efforts of uploading and configuring applications manually. Additionally, with the APS catalog. The Plesk integration with APS Catalog allows to easily install the applications and working with them in Plesk.

Above are the main reasons to build and maintain your websites with one of the simplest and most intuitive Plesk control panels in the market!

Boost your Business with Managed WordPress Hosting

 In this modern era, any sort of business needs an essential website to achieve something & promoting themselves. A Well established web presence on the internet marketplace allows you to stand out with your main competitors. Building your own website could be a manageable task, but organize the web hosting for your web pages as well as monitoring and maintaining your content and internet security issues can be a time-consuming and incredibly unmanageable task. It is always a better option to hire a team of experts to maintain your servers & online presence.

Managed WordPress Hosting is one kind of web hosting solution which is custom-made and optimized specifically for WordPress websites. Managed WordPress hosting allows your site to runs smoothly. Hiring a Best WordPress hosting company will take care of all the technical aspects of hosting for you such as security, performance, and other factors which particularly suitable for large level businesses due to its better-quality and high-performance.


managed wordpress hosting

How Managed WordPress Hosting helps businesses?

Managed WordPress Hosting has features that indirectly improvise your business performance.

  • Security: Security is the Main Factor where this hosting is more beneficial. The hosting company knows exactly about software. If someone trying to log in with incorrect details, they can build a specific tool that locks any malicious attempts automatically.
  • Fast Speed: This service is configured in a way that websites can load at very fast. With this load time of site and performance is improved drastically.
  • Scalable RAM: When a website is launched it requires a minimum of 100 MB of RAM for any WordPress website. Whenever the use of RAM increases, a Best WordPress hosting company makes sure that your RAM scales automatically based on the requirement of the website.
  • Updates: All the WordPress latest updates are managed by an expert team of hosting company, thereby it reduces headaches for the customer.
  • User Experience: if you are selling products online then it is necessary to provide the best user experience to users. Speed & Uptime are two factors that help to enhance user experience.

Managed WordPress Hosting offers all the above features which also save energy, cost & time. These allow to enhance your business and to increase your business sales. Normally Hosting Company has numerous hosting plans and some can be a low rate.  These companies offer a vast array of pricing options for you and some can be as cheap as the server rental costs experienced when hosting your own web sites. By employing this service you can settle down and have the benefit of having the most secure and reliable internet service as your customer base grows exponentially as a result.

When you have chosen that Managed WordPress Hosting is suitable for you, then it’s an ideal time to choose the Best Hosting service provider. Build your website with Managed WordPress Hosting with the help of L3WebHosting. We are the premier web hosting service provider that offers web hosting services at an affordable cost.  L3WebHosting is known for its quality, reliability, 24/7 tech support with the secure facility.

Why to Choose Linux Web Hosting

Choose a reliable & perfect web hosting server that is necessary to fulfill your business needs. The main two options for hosting are Linux and Windows. Both have their own advantages, but the most preferable is Linux web hosting. This solution is suitable for any individual who needs to get their website online in spite of technical expertise.  Linux web hosting is powerful and superior hosting when it comes to speed, reliability, and versatility.  Here are some reasons why this hosting is rapidly becoming the center of attraction for globally.



Reasons to Choose Linux Web Hosting

  • Reasonably priced Hosting

Linux is an open-source operating system that is free to use. This means numerous resources, tools & software programs will be free. Most web hosting service provider prefers Linux Web Hosting because it helps maintain the cost down, which is an indirectly reasonable hosting solution for their customers.

  • Security and Compatibility

Linux Web Hosting is compatible with other OS and software. You don’t have to face any difficulties if you make a website with Windows and host it on a Linux. Security is good with Linux Hosting, you can easily customize your security settings.

  • Stability and Performance

 Linux Web Hosting offers better uptime with stable Linux servers. Fewer shutdowns make this hosting platform makes its performance worthy of completing needs. Multiple users & multiple devices can work at the same time without affecting performance.

  • Flexibility & Easy Installation

Linux Hosting offers a flexible hosting solution which also includes numerous high-performance applications. You can utilize both desktop and server applications as per your needs. Installation of this hosting is very easy & fast as well as it provides incredible network functionality. Whether you want to take back up the network or you just need a more reliable option, then Linux Hosting servers fit perfectly.

Above are the major reasons to go with Linux web servers. This hosting is managed with cPanel control panel, Linux hosting with cPanel enables you to manage your domain in your own way. It means you are the controller of your website and you will also have administrative authority to manage it. Also, your site has a high amount of traffic then you should immediately switch to Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting. 

top feature image

SSD VPS Hosting for your Business

VPS hosting is one of the preferable solutions for small-medium sized online businesses. Best VPS Hosting helps to get root access, dedicated resources and allows managing heavy traffic with it. Also, you will get the freedom of application installation.

There are some major Advantages of SSD VPS Hosting:

  1. Flash memory used by SSD for data storage.  It improves the read/write speed significantly, also helps to improve the performance of the server and website loading speed.
  2. This faster loading website indirectly impacts on Google search engine results as well as your website’s SEO. A Websites hosted on SSD VPS Hosting takes low time to load website page which also to improve page ranking.
  3. Best VPS Hosting allows you to change the resources allocated to your server without downtime.




How SSD VPS Hosting helps your business?

  •  If your site is hosted with a shared hosting plan then you can use only a few amounts of resources, as you have to share all resources with other websites. Here, SSD VPS hosting plan is very highly scalable, as you can change the resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk space very easily and without the downtime that is allocated to your server. The Best VPS hosting plans give your own isolated server. Whenever you need more power and resources then you have to just contact your hosting service provider and upgrade your plan.
  • Another factor that helps your business is scalability.  When you choose SSD VPS hosting to host your business site, then there is always someone to call for help.  If you have any doubts or concerns about service/ plan, there is always someone to email, chat with or simply talk to on the phone. Hosting Service Provider helps you and they will offers solutions to your problem instantly, the general problems are adding additional resources or technical issues with server configuration. Every business owner needs a fast and quality service from the respective hosting provider because as a business owner you cannot take risk of the site down.
  • Best SSD VPS Hosting offers better performance and more rapidly loading time for your website as compared to other hosting at a cost that is affordable for small business owners.
  • Hosting Service Provider performs all necessary security configurations for you which allows you to focus on your business, without being depressed by technical issues.

SSD VPS Hosting is the perfect solution for the small business owner.  It is the most convenient way of hosting as your website is in good hands and there is always someone to handle your technical issues. All you need to do is focus on growing your business and for that, you need to have a fast and secure website in today’s competitive market. Furthermore, it is important to have a reliable hosting provider with quality service and excellent support.

How to Install KernelCare on cPanel WHM server

The downtime that reboots cause is a disruption for customers and nuisance for admins.
This can be easily avoided with KernelCare.
KernelCare ensures that you never miss security patches and your kernels are always up-to-date.

KernelCare is compatible with 64-bit versions
CentOS/RHEL 6.x and 7.x
CloudLinux 6.x and 7.x
Virtuozzo/PCS/OpenVZ 2.6.32
Debian 8 and 9
Proxmox VE 4
Virt-SIG/Xen4CentOS 6 and 7
Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04 and 16.04


To install KernelCare, you need to login with root user on your cPanel server.


Check for compatible kernels.
Before you purchase and install KernelCare, make certain that your system possesses a compatible kernel.
To do this, read the the KernelCare documentation.

Choose and run your preferred command.

You can choose between two different SSH commands to begin the KernelCare installation process.
To begin the KernelCare installation process, run one of the following commands:


Register the license key.

You can skip this step if you purchased a KernelCare license from the cPanel Store.
KernelCare licenses use IP-based licensing, which you don’t need to register.

The KernelCare license key deploys and registers your server. To register your key, run the following command:

/usr/bin/kcarectl --register $kc_key


Check for applied patches.

After you register KernelCare, you will need to check for applied patches.
This ensures that the automated kernel security updates ran properly on your server.
To check for applied patches, run the following command:

/usr/bin/kcarectl --info


Manually check for patch updates.

KernelCare will automatically check for new patches every four hours.
If you want to check for new patches yourself, run the following command:

/usr/bin/kcarectl --update


If you need any further assistance please do contact our support department at [email protected]