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3 Tips to secure your Business website from Hackers

3 Tips to secure your Business website from Hackers


Hackers the name itself tells us, that they steal your personal or official information from your online platform. Visitors who interact with your website to do online transaction put their confidential information like email id, credit/debit card number. This information can be stolen by hackers and can do havoc around this. Every business owner must have once a thought, what if their website got hacked? We really work hard to develop a website.

Here are the few tips to keep your website safe from hackers:

1) Use SSL Certificate i.e. HTTPS: Now internet users are smart enough that they interact with the website where it is safe to surf i.e. on the website where it starts from https//: this indicates the symbol of security.

What is SSL certificate? Secure Socket Layer it is a secure link between the user browser and the website. Whatever the private information shared with the website is encoded i.e. the encryption is done so that hackers will not be able to steal private information like credit/debit card details, personal information etc. It’s always recommended to but dedicated server hosting package where they provide free SSL certificate with 24X7 server monitoring.

2) Security Plugins – The most used platform for the website is WordPress. With WordPress, you can install different security plugins. To keep your website away from hackers should buy security plugins like the iThemes security it has two-factor authentication¸ add protection layer of Google reCaptcha integration. Another security plugin is Wordfence Security the uniqueness of this plugin is powerful protection and robust security. WordPress plugins are easy to install and have high security.

3) Regular Software Update – If you want to protect your website from hackers you should update your website with the latest plugins¸ content management system, scripts and applications. The updated versions of software¸ scripts etc are more secured and are hard for the hackers to hack the website.

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