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Category: Emails

Useful Exim commands

Display the number of email messages in the queue # exim -bpc Display information about email messages in the queue # exim -bp Display a summary of messages in the queue # exim -bp | exiqsumm  Display Exim’s current activity # exiwhat Test Exim SMTP transaction # exim -bh ipaddress …

Manage email notifications on cPanel/WHM server

By default, cPanel server generates many notifications. We can enable / disable those notification emails like Account Creation alert, Account Removal alert, Account Suspensions alert, Account UnSuspensions alert, Account Upgrades/Downgrades alert, Altered RPMs Check alert, AppConfig registration notifications alert, Bandwidth Limits alert, Branding Migration alert, cPanel Backup alert, cPanel Backup Destination…

Disable AutoSSL email notifications from cPanel

You can enable / disable AutoSSL email notifications from cPanel account. Here are steps : # Login to cPanel account # Click on “Contact Information” # You will get multiple options. Select the check box next to each option to enable/disable per your notification preferences. # Click on “Save” button