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Enable Apache PHP-FPM for cPanel & WHM server

Enable Apache PHP-FPM for cPanel & WHM server

PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) is an alternative FastCGI daemon for PHP that allows a website to handle high loads. PHP-FPM maintains pools (workers that can respond to PHP requests) to accomplish this. PHP-FPM is faster than traditional CGI-based methods such as SUPHP for multi-user PHP environments.

In the cPanel & WHM 76 version and later, the cPanel system enables PHP-FPM by default on a newly installed cPanel server. The cPanel system will automatically enable PHP-FPM for all websites that you add on the cPanel server.

To work PHP-FPM properly, your server requires at least 2 GB of RAM.
If the system finds less than 2 GB of available RAM, it will not enable Apache PHP-FPM by default.
If you enable PHP-FPM on a server with less than the required RAM, your server may experience severe performance issues.

The following behaviors affect installations of cPanel & WHM that you upgrade or transfer to cPanel version 76 :

  • Systems that upgrade to version 76 will retain the Apache PHP-FPM settings from the previous version.
  • Accounts that you transfer to a server with a new cPanel & WHM version 76 installation will use the new installation’s Apache PHP-FPM settings.

You can enable or disable Apache PHP-FPM for individual cPanel accounts or server wide through WHM.
# Login to WHM
# Go to Software >> MultiPHP Manager
# Click Turn On/Off under the System PHP-FPM section
It will enable or disable Apache’s PHP-FPM for all domains.
# Select the cPanel domain name from domain list to enable or disable PHP-FPM for an individual domain. 



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Great advice, simple step by step.
Very Useful

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