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Install Let’s Encrypt Plugin on cPanel WHM server

We can setup ‘Let’s Encrypt’ free SSL with your cPanel WHM server.

Let’s Encrypt SSL is a free, automate, open certificate authority (CA) and run for the public’s benefit.
It allows you to get browser-trust certificates for your websites at no cost which auto renew after every 90 days.

No difficult configurations, no validation emails requires with Let’s Encrypt Free SSL.
The certificates are domain-validate and don’t require a dedicated IP address. All popular browsers support Let’s Encrypt Free SSL.

To install “Let’s Encrypt” Auto SSL plugin you need to follow below steps :

# Log in to the server in as the root user.

# Run the following command:

# Login to WHM with root user >> Home >> SSL/TLS >> Manage AutoSSL
– select Let’s Encrypt™. The interface will display the Terms of Service section.
– Select Create a new registration with the provider.
– Click Save button

If you need any further assistance please do contact our support department at support@L3webhosting.com


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cPanel Reseller Hosting : Boost your Hosting Business

Start your own hosting business without dealing with infrastructure. How? Sell cPanel Web Hosting and achieve your business goals. It seems like a tough job in business but it is not. Reseller hosting can help you to fulfill your dream of hosting business.

In Reseller hosting, you have to buy a reseller web hosting plan from a web hosting company.  And resell that web hosting to your own clients. This reseller hosting service allows you to your own price and services.  Resell this hosting who is needed this kind of service. cPanel Reseller Hosting is the most popular and highly demanded Hosting platform in the market.

cPanel Reseller Hosting gives you the authority to access and run customized, privately own branded web hosting business. After choosing cPanel Reseller Hosting as your hosting business solution, you will get total control of the server with your own admin control panel i.e. cPanel. Every website has its own reseller cPanel to manage website assets easily such as FTP users, email, database backup, adding/editing subdomains.


cpanel reseller hosting

Benefits of cPanel Reseller Hosting

  • Even if you have the less technical knowledge, still you can manage your hosting business properly. As respective web hosting provider offers you technical support whenever you need it.
  • You don’t have to pay for hardware or do not worry about server maintenance. It means you can focus on marketing.
  • You have the authority to allocate CPU resources and other resources.
  • cPanel has a good GUI so you can easily manage your site operations.
  • cPanel comes with an automated script that helps to take regular backups, file transfer & database transfer.

Start your own Hosting Business with cPanel Reseller Hosting! This offers a user-friendly, multi-functional and secure web panel.

L3WebHosting will assist you to achieve your desired hosting business goals.  With our cPanel Reseller hosting package, you can offer a customized hosting solution to your own customers at your preferable price and service without investing time money in infrastructure. We offer premium, easy to use and high-performance reseller hosting plans to you with 24/7 technical support.



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SSD Cloud Hosting means More Business

A Cloud hosting service with Solid State Disks (SSD) is called SSD Cloud Hosting. This SSD disk gives you better and faster read/write speeds than any other traditional HDD disk. That means it is always better to select a web hosting which provides their hosting service on SSD disks if you need fast page load speeds for your business website. Cloud hosting is always a preferable option as it is much more reliable than traditional shared hosting services as it is a secure, flexible, scalable, and stable solution.  SSD Cloud hosting is the hosting platform where a website is hosted on many servers, which combine into one server, with SSD drives.



Benefits of SSD Cloud Hosting which helps to improve your Business

  • SSD is the next version for hard disks. It helps to load the client’s website page faster, specifically when a visitor visits that website. This is much time faster than regular HDD Cloud hosting.
  • If you have a high amount of traffic on your site, then you must switch to High- Speed SSD Cloud Hosting.
  • This hosting solution has software that protects from data loss. SSD can be configured with power outage by storing data in their cache memory. Therefore, there will be no data loss and the user can focus on improving business activities rather than worrying about data loss.
  • SSDs can read, locate and retrieve data immediately.  This retrieval of data will be done with almost no latency. It also provides a super high speed of page transfer.
  • It provides a very high level of performance to its customers.


Above are some SSD Cloud Hosting features that not directly but definitely indirectly helps to improve better business. Suppose you have 2 business websites, the first one is loads very speedily and the other one takes too much time to load, which web site will be preferred by your client?? Obviously, the first one as it loads at a better speed. So, this is where SSD Cloud Hosting comes into the picture. SSD Hosting doesn’t allow sharing your server with others which leads to breaking of speed. That way it’s faster, which means better business.

When you decided to go with this service then it is always necessary to have a discussion with server experts who can help you to choose the right plan. There are more Hosting companies available in the market which offer quality service at an affordable rate to their customers.

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Shared Hosting- A Way to Boost your Business

If you are looking for a Web Hosting which gives you everything that you want, then Shared Hosting is something to think about. This can be the best option for many webs and business holders on the web.

Shared Hosting is a popular alternative solution for startups as cost-per-user is affordable as compared to SSD VPS hosting. This hosting is fairly economical.  Shared Hosting is the most widely used over the web, because of its numerous features. This concept of Web Hosting offers a share server to users with flexibility, convenience, and affordability that today’s users actually want from Web Solution Provider.

shared web hosting

How Shared Web Hosting help your business?

Many users take benefit from this hosting service because it is reasonably priced and efficient as well. This Shared Web Hosting is recommended by many IT Experts within the industry because of a large number of benefits. The following are the advantages of a shared web hosting service which makes a good choice for many people and businesses on the internet.

  • Low-price:  Many businesses need a way that saves money without compromising on the quality of the Hosting Service. When it comes to Hosting with share resources, Many companies provide you reliable service at a reasonable price.  This web hosting provides you generous space to their clients and enough bandwidth to encouraging businesses.
  • Convenience:  This solution is preferred by many experts in business as they don’t have to worry about the management and infrastructure of Server Hosting. Hosting Service Provider will take care of your needs. Their expert team has experienced and expertly skilled professionals in their respective fields. This allows customers to pay more attention to their business goals rather than worrying about server infrastructure.
  • Customization: With this Hosting, you will get a control panel to manage your task at own. The control panel allows you to upload files, images. You can also take site/ database backup, handle email management.
  • Technical Support:  Many Companies offer 24/7 customer/technical support without any extra cost.

Above numerous features are helpful to boost your business. By getting Shared Web Hosting you can make your online presence so strong.

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Start your Web Hosting Business with cPanel Reseller Hosting

Want to start your own hosting business without dealing with infrastructure? If so, selling cPanel Web Hosting can help you achieve your business goals. Basically, Reseller hosting is the relationship between the retailer and the wholesaler. In Reseller hosting, you have to purchase a reseller web hosting plan within your budget and resell this to your individual clients as your own hosting company. Then you can set your own cost and services you can resell to a specific type of users who are finding for the kind of service you offer. cPanel Reseller Hosting is the most popular Hosting platform in the market.

With the help of Reseller Hosting you have the ability to access and run customized, privately own branded web hosting business. After deciding to go with Reseller Hosting, you will have total control with your own admin control panel i.e. cPanel from which you can manage multiple web sites. Every website has its own reseller cPanel to manage website operations easily such as FTP users, email, database backup, adding/editing subdomains.


cPanel Reseller Hosting

Some Features of cPanel Reseller Hosting

  • You will have more flexibility with your web hosting accounts and user-friendly access to host your account.
  • An efficient way to start a hosting business
  • You can earn more revenue at little cost to yourself with Reseller Hosting.
  • You have to just focus on customer support and don’t have to worry about technical support as it handles by your web host service provider.
  • 24/7 Tech support offered by hosting provider
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Allows you to add resources on demand

Make Money with cPanel Reseller Hosting! If you take a decision to go with cPanel Reseller hosting, then you have made Inform decision to start your own Hosting business.


L3WebHosting is here to achieve your desired hosting business goals. We provide the best cPanel Reseller Hosting in Singapore, USA, etc. With our cPanel Reseller Hosting Package, you can offer a customized hosting solution to your own customers at your decided price and service without investing time and money in infrastructure. We offer the finest, easy to use and high-performance reseller hosting plans to you with 24/7 technical support.

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Choose Fully Managed VPS with cPanel Server

Choosing a hosting plan can be a difficult task as it has many points to consider such as pricing and features. Most of the professionals will recommend that if you want to run a multimedia site of any size then you go with a Managed VPS with cPanel.  The reason for this recommendation is that cPanel is the most user-friendly and easy control panel in web hosting. If you don’t want to hire an additional staff member to maintain all your technical functions, then cPanel will help you to perform technical operations.


Fully Managed cPanel Server offers three major features:

  •          Security
  •          Uptime
  •          High Performance


L3WebHosting offers Managed VPS with cPanel Services as hands-on system administration, back-ups, and advanced firewall protection services. Basically, Managed VPS with cPanel is suitable for those businesses who need better control over their servers. So, all our plans are perfect for all small/medium businesses that are looking for this kind of hosting at an affordable price. This server will use as they offered you powerful VPS combined with easy to use cPanel.

Our Fully Managed cPanel Server Service comes with great technical support, Firewall management, Latest software updates. Also, our Fully Managed cPanel Server gives a perfect balance of value and performance.

When you choose L3WebHosting as your Hosting Service provider, you will get great service and support from us as we are recognized and authorized by Hosting Service Provider. Our expert and the knowledgeable team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Linux Web hosting with cPanel

If you are searching for the best web hosting solution for your site and you are not able to decide which one is the best. Choosing a perfect web hosting solution is very important. One of the most popular web hostings is Linux Hosting and many are already using Linux hosting for their websites.

Linux Web Hosting is the most cost-effective choice for web hosting in the market today. With Linux, you will get security, reliability, and functionality all in your applications. Linux web hosting also provides many configurations and customization options to users. Also, if you are new to building websites and web design then Linux web hosting is a better and affordable choice.

Linux Hosting with cPanel

cPanel tools help to manage different site operations such as adding an email address, add/edit sub-domain names, create website/database backups, managing MySQL databases and more. Linux hosting with cPanel control panel enables you to manage your domain in your own way. It means you are the sole controller of your website and you will also have administrative authority to manage it.

Why should I use Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting?

A Linux Virtual Private Server is basically a VPS that runs on the Linux OS.

If your site has a high amount of traffic and doesn’t want to go down then Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting is the answer. Also, if you want better uptime and performance which is a higher quality solution actually costs less.

Again, this is the perfect choice for you if you or your staff don’t have experience with Linux or not able to learn. Still, you will get a benefit, as most of the hosting companies can offer admin and technical support services.

It is better to get a trusted website host than have problems with your website later on.  Gets Linux Web hosting with cPanel for your hosting needs and it will be smooth sailing for your website from start to end.

At L3WebHosting, we know what our customers exactly want. We are able to provide the Best Linux Web Hosting with cPanel to our customers at an affordable rate. While you may get a cheap Linux Virtual Private Server hosting, but you will get quality and secure service from L3WebHosting only. We are here to offer ultra-reliable and super fast solutions. We believe that if we deliver on these two top priorities service to our clients then they will truly appreciate the hosting services that we offer.

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Best WordPress VPS Hosting Service Provider in USA

When it comes to finding the right hosting for your WordPress website you’re planning to have a lot of different choices available to you. the most probably beginning stage goes to be shared hosting, but once you’ve outgrown what shared hosting offers your website, you need to build a decision regarding what to do next. After shared hosting plans, the most common next selection is WordPress VPS hosting, particularly for those who are running WordPress websites.

This form of internet hosting sits nicely between beginner-oriented shared hosting and a more advanced dedicated server. Below we explore WordPress VPS hosting benefits, thus you’ll decide if this kind of hosting goes to be the correct fit for your new website.  VPS hosting is the best solution when your online business is growing, but you don’t want to manage everything on your own. When your website is live, and you start getting satisfied results/ traffic then it’s time to start thinking about  VPS hosting.


l3webhosting.com offers Best WordPress VPS hosting which has 1-click WordPress installation, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 support. This is a perfect solution for every website owner. We provide good speed and security solutions to make your website as fast and secure as possible.

Benefits of WordPress VPS Hosting

WordPress VPS hosting could be the hosting solution you have been looking for. Here are some of the major benefits you will receive when upgrading to VPS hosting:

  •          Upgradation to WordPress Hosting is one of the ways to speed up your website
  •          Faster loading speed also increases your website’s ranking in the google search result
  •          Improved security
  •          Regular updation to the latest version
  •          Excellent Customer support is the backbone of any hosting service


We at L3 Web Hosting will take care of the entire task associated with your VPS and server management in an efficient and professional way.

How to Backup and Restore Plesk system databases

Plesk control panel interacts with the below different databases so we need to take backup of all those databases :

1. psa – Plesk system database
2. apsc – Plesk application database
3. mysql – MySQL system database
4. roundcubemail – Roundcube database
5. horde – Horde database
6. atmail – atmail database
7. sitebuilder5 – Web Presence Builder
8. phpmyadmin_* – phpMyAdmin database

Run below command to backup Plesk system databases :

  • For Plesk Onyx

    # plesk db dump <database_name> > /path/to/<dump_name>.sql
  • For Plesk 12.5 and previous releases

    # MYSQL_PWD=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` mysqldump -uadmin <database_name> > /path/to/<dump_name>.sql

Run below command to Restore Plesk system databases :

  • For Plesk Onyx

    # plesk db < /path/to/<dump_name>.sql
  • For Plesk 12.5 and previous releases

    # MYSQL_PWD=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` mysql -uadmin < /root/<dump_name>.sql

Please feel free to contact us at Support@L3webhosting.com if you require any assistance.


Backup and Restore MySQL databases in Linux Plesk

Before you make any changes to MySQL service or upgrade MySQL version, 
it is recommended to take full backup of MySQL databases.
If any thing goes wrong then we can restore all databases from MySQL backup.

Follow below steps to create backup of MySQL databases :

1. Login to ssh shell with root user
2. Create a folder for backup files

# mkdir /backup/mysql_backup_29-Mar-2019

3. Now we will collect a list of all databases name into /root/dhlist.txt Text file

# plesk db -e “show databases” | grep -v -E “^Database|information_schema|performance_schema|phpmyadmin” > /root/dblist.txt

4. Now we will take backup of all databases with below command :

# cat /root/dblist.txt | while read i; do plesk db dump “$i” > /backup/mysql_backup_29-Mar-2019/”$i”.sql; done

Now you have backup of all databases into “/backup/mysql_backup_29-Mar-2019/” folder. You can copy it at remote location or download it on your computer.


If you want to restore all databases which are into “/backup/mysql_backup_29-Mar-2019/” folder then please enter below command :

# for i in `cat /root/dblist.txt`; do MYSQL_PWD=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` mysql -u admin < /backup/mysql_backup_29-Mar-2019/”$i”.sql; done


Please feel free to contact us at Support@L3webhosting.com if you require any assistance.