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How to optimize Website on cPanel server

cPanel allows you to automatically compress website content when visitors access your website.


Your system administrator must enable the mod_deflate Apache module for this interface to appear in cPanel.


# Login to cPanel account

# You will get “Optimize Website” option under “Software” on your cPanel page.

# To disable compression of your website’s content, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Disabled.

  2. Click Update Settings.

# To compress all of your website’s content, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Compress All Content.

  2. Click Update Settings.

# To specify a list of types of content to compress, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Compress the specified MIME types option.

  2. In the MIME Types text box, enter a space-separated list of the types of content that you wish to compress (for example, text/html text/plain text/xml).

  3. Click Update Settings.



Disable LFD alerts for specific user

By default, LFD sends a lot of alerts for all users/processes/activities.

We can disable LFD alerts for a specific user.

# Login to shell with root user

#  We need to findout the UID (User ID) of that user

# You can check the UID information from /etc/passwd file or from the CLI by using the command “id.

# grep -i nick /etc/passwd
# id -u nick

# Now open /etc/csf/csf.uidignore file

# Add the UID into  /etc/csf/csf.uidignore file

# Restart CSF and LFD.

csf -r
# /etc/init.d/lfd restart


Manage email notifications on cPanel/WHM server

By default, cPanel server generates many notifications.

We can enable / disable those notification emails like Account Creation alert, Account Removal alert, Account Suspensions alert, Account UnSuspensions alert, Account Upgrades/Downgrades alert, Altered RPMs Check alert, AppConfig registration notifications alert, Bandwidth Limits alert, Branding Migration alert, cPanel Backup alert, cPanel Backup Destination Disabled alert, cPanel Configuration Checks alert, cPanel Required Perl Module Auto Installs alert, cPHulkd Notifications alert, Disk Integrity Check alert, Disk Quota Check alert, Kernel Crash Check alert, Recently Uploaded Cgi Script Mail alert, Service interruption (ChkServd) alert etc.

# Log into WHM with root user

# Click on “Server Contacts”
# Click on “Contact Manager” and click on “Notifications” tab
# You will get different options like

# From drop-down list, you need to select Disable, Low, Medium or High.

# Click on “Save” button.


Disable AutoSSL email notifications from cPanel

You can enable / disable AutoSSL email notifications from cPanel account.

Here are steps :

# Login to cPanel account

# Click on “Contact Information”

# You will get multiple options.
Select the check box next to each option to enable/disable per your notification preferences.

# Click on “Save” button


Why to use cPanel Hosting for your WordPress Website ?

WordPress website the most efficient and used platform for your company website.

WordPress Website Advantages:

Easily managed – The main advantage of WordPress platform is its user-friendly interface. You can easily add pages, blog posts, images, widgets, and plugins to the website. This helps to keep your website attractive and updated with the latest trends. You can manage your website from any browser at any time anywhere.

Google Friendly – WordPress website is Google friendly. It is easily indexed because of its simple coding and readability. You can easily manage your content, keywords and alt tags according to the Google indexing standards.

Customizable Website – Give the unique experience to your website visitors so that you will create your brand with its customizable characteristic.

Customize Website Design – WordPress is the easiest platform to customize your website. Make your website user-friendly so that visitors can interact easily with your website.

Use of Plugins – In WordPress website you can easily install plugins to make your website user-friendly and attractive. Easily add social media widgets, photo gallery etc.

Multiple Users – As a WordPress administrator you can easily give access to multiple users according to the level of work they are going to perform on the website.

Why to use cPanel Hosting?

cPanel is the easiest and the web-based control panel, where you can manage your website. This is provided by most of the web hosting service providers. cPanel provides access to different tools to manage and administer the website.

The WordPress website and cpanel hosting make the best combination for the website owner. Which will gives the best performance and reliability.

The main advantage of cPanel hosting is its ease to use¸ it saves your labor expenses. You don’t have to hire an administrator to manage your website.

Secondly, its compatibility¸ cPanel is very compatible with all different browsers. You can easily add add-ons¸apps and improve the website functionality for the better user interface. cPanel is easy to port from one web hosting company to another without affecting the website.

Choosing the right web hosting provider for best cPanel hosting is the best solution for the WordPress website.


What are the advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting for the Business website ?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The name “Dedicated Server” itself tells you that the server is dedicated to one single business website¸ i.e. organization. With dedicated hosting your server is not shared with any other website, the resources are used only with the dedicated server owner.

What are the advantages of Dedicated Server?

1) Unlimited Bandwidth – With the dedicated server hosting packages you get unlimited bandwidth. With bandwidth website visitors can access your website content, images etc. Website with heavy traffic should have unlimited bandwidth to manage website traffic. If your website doesn’t have enough of bandwidth, there is a high possibility of losing customers who are willing to interact with your website.

2) Unlimited Disk space – Disk Space means the amount of space available on the server to access website content, images, files, databases, video on the website. It’s very important to host your website the dedicated server with best web hosting company. With the disk space you can update and store your website images, content, files with the disk space. So with dedicated hosting you can make changes on the website this will also help to attract new customers and increase the sales on the website.

3) Uptime Guarantee – It is very crucial to be business website always up.ie. in working stateall the time. You should make sure that the visitors can access your website any time anywhere. Always host your website to dedicated server where technical support provides 24X7 support with guaranteed uptime.

4) Security – Most of the dedicated server hosting providers offers free SSL certificate with the hosting package. 24X7 technical support take quick action on security attacks. They also do firewall setup, install antivirus and do all the configurations for server security.

5) 24X7 Technical Support – Hosting provider allocated dedicated technical support team for our dedicated server. They make sure your site should be always up under any circumstances and try to keep disruption is kept as minimum as possible.

Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting

The main difference between shared and dedicated hosting is shared resources. With shared hosting multiple organizations/websites are hosted on one single server. Bandwidth and disk space is limited with the shared hosting package. Shared hosting is very cheaper compared to dedicated server, so it is preferable if you have heavy traffic on your website then only purchase dedicated server. Website speed is slow if you host it on shared server, as the single server resources are shared with multiple website.

Whether to go with shared hosting or dedicated hosting its totally your decision according to website traffic, security and support. Website with heavy traffic should buy dedicated server for best performance and better results. Buy the hosting packages from best and cheap web hosting provider.


3 Tips to secure your Business website from Hackers


Hackers the name itself tells us, that they steal your personal or official information from your online platform. Visitors who interact with your website to do online transaction put their confidential information like email id, credit/debit card number. This information can be stolen by hackers and can do havoc around this. Every business owner must have once a thought, what if their website got hacked? We really work hard to develop a website.

Here are the few tips to keep your website safe from hackers:

1) Use SSL Certificate i.e. HTTPS: Now internet users are smart enough that they interact with the website where it is safe to surf i.e. on the website where it starts from https//: this indicates the symbol of security.

What is SSL certificate? Secure Socket Layer it is a secure link between the user browser and the website. Whatever the private information shared with the website is encoded i.e. the encryption is done so that hackers will not be able to steal private information like credit/debit card details, personal information etc. It’s always recommended to but dedicated server hosting package where they provide free SSL certificate with 24X7 server monitoring.

2) Security Plugins – The most used platform for the website is WordPress. With WordPress, you can install different security plugins. To keep your website away from hackers should buy security plugins like the iThemes security it has two-factor authentication¸ add protection layer of Google reCaptcha integration. Another security plugin is Wordfence Security the uniqueness of this plugin is powerful protection and robust security. WordPress plugins are easy to install and have high security.

3) Regular Software Update – If you want to protect your website from hackers you should update your website with the latest plugins¸ content management system, scripts and applications. The updated versions of software¸ scripts etc are more secured and are hard for the hackers to hack the website.

At L3webhosting Company you will get the best web hosting services where your website will be 100% secure from the hackers. As we provide 24X7 technical support where your server will be monitored and secured.


CPU usage exceeded in cPanel

There are several causes that lead to the overcoming of resources.
This issues will appear especially for the websites which are hosted in the shared web hosting server.

What may create High CPU usage problem :

  1. By running an older version of website application like wordpress

  2. Due to outdated plugins / themes

  3. By running a beta version of plugins / themes

  4. Due to old PHP version

  5. Less PHP memory limits

  6. By Running a resource consumption plugins / themes

There are several ways to decrease the CPU usage for your account :

1. Update version of website applications like wordpress, its plugins & themes.
2. Do not run the beta version plugins. Always run the stable version of plugins / themes.
3. Use the Higher version of PHP.
4. Do not run dynamic plugins which consume more CPU/memory resources.

If you have done all the above changes but still you face the same issue you will need to upgrade your hosting plan to higher plan which are having better CPU and memory resources.

We can take care of all if you use one of our Optimized CPanel Hosting serviceshttps://www.l3webhosting.com/managed-cpanel-server.php in which you can simply ask our Technical team to help you regarding any problem or configuration for your WHM/cPanel server.
They are available 24×7 and will take care of your request immediately.

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fix unlimited quota issue of cPanel account

Sometimes WHM >> List Account shows unlimited quota or 0.00 MB for all cPanel accounts.

We can fix this issue with below command :

# Login to SSH shell with root user

# Enter below command :

# /scripts/fixquotas

We can take care of all if you use one of our Optimized CPanel Hosting services https://www.l3webhosting.com/managed-cpanel-server.php in which you can simply ask our Technical team to help you regarding any problem or configuration for your WHM/cPanel server.
They are available 24×7 and will take care of your request immediately.

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