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Top 6 Reasons to Buy Dedicated Server Hosting

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Dedicated Server Hosting

When you are thinking about purchasing reliable hosting to build an online presence of your site, then it is a must to research all features which you will get from a web hosting provider. In the web hosting field, the meaning of dedicated server hosting is a rent complete server space to a company for individual use. It means the company doesn’t have to share resources such as disk space, bandwidth with other users.

Dedicated server hosting is usually suitable for large businesses, particularly e-commerce websites which manage a large amount of traffic. These eCommerce business sites cannot take a risk to face downtimes which may arise the vast loss of their businesses. This is the reason, most businesses choose dedicated hosting plans as this plan offers disk storage space, unlimited data transfer speed, high uptime, excellent tech support, and security.


How Dedicated Server Works?

In dedicated hosting, the server is managed by an individual company that gives great flexibility and customizability to manage large traffic spikes. Dedicated server hosting is typically supported by robust technical support from the web hosting provider. Here, the client can create no. of domains on that specific server. This feature is particularly useful for large companies that have multiple departments or have several retail outlets. This is a cost-effective solution for these companies to choose dedicated hosting rather than spending money on separate servers for each department. Here we have explained Top 6 reasons why companies going with Dedicated Server Hosting.

  1. Private Communication: With this option, you will get security for preventing your business communication from scammers & hackers which also prevents from affecting your company computers. Once the devices of an organization are connected via a dedicated server hosts, they can cut out the internet as a middleman and exchange messages instantly.
  2. Dedicated IP Address: In dedicated server hosting, the client website has a unique IP address which gives the unique identity. Any server-related issues like traffic don’t have any impact on the website as it has a dedicated IP address. This dedicated IP address also helps in increasing the reputation of any company and is free of blacklisting of IP addresses due to the actions of any other user present in the server.
  3. Full Control over Applications: With dedicated hosting, you have the authority to decide which site management tools & other applications you have to use for developing your site efficiently.
  4. Reliable Processing: In a dedicated hosting environment, the user doesn’t have to worry about the processing power of the CPU, as the user needs processing power for running his applications. As the processing power is not distributed amongst other occupiers, so there is no slowing down of the applications.
  5. Heavy Traffic Severs: If your website has high visitor traffic or more page views then you must go with dedicated server hosting. This hosting bandwidth gives you maximum responsiveness and reliability to manage the heavy user traffic of your websites.
  6. Windows and Linux based Dedicated Customizable Servers: You can either choose Windows or Linux dedicated servers. Choose according to your hosting requirements. Both operating systems provide the same level of security. A windows-based dedicated server is suitable for websites or applications developed on ASP or ASP. NET scripting platform, consuming Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) databases. Although Linux based server is referred to if your website and applications are developed using PHP and MySQL.

These are some of the reliable & effective reasons that have made a dedicated server a priority for e-commerce sites which must be organized to manage large amounts of traffic at all times. Dedicated server hosting is suitable for high traffic sites and sites using resource-intensive applications.

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