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What is the difference between the managed server and unmanaged server

What is the difference between the managed server and unmanaged server

What is the difference between the managed server and unmanaged server?

Before buying any hosting plan any client is concerned about their hosting plan for their website. There are various plans to start hosting your website like shared¸ dedicated¸ vps etc.

In shared hosting plan everything is managed by the web hosting company, but with dedicated and VPS hosting.

For high performance and for a robust server, you need to but dedicated or VPS server. So, while buying a dedicated server the main question will rise to a client is what difference between managed and unmanaged server is?

Managed Server – With the managed server you get full-time support. The best web hosting company provides 24X7 uninterrupted support. Tech support team take care of your operating system, control panel, zero server downtime, server monitoring, server setup, server backup and install the required application.

Unmanaged Server – Web hosting provider doesn’t provide full-time technical support. Like 24X7 server monitoring¸ server backup¸ installing new applications etc is not provided by the support team. Because of this reason the unmanaged server is cheaper than the managed server. There is a high possibility of losing data, website hacking, server downtime etc.

For better performance and result, Managed servers are always better than unmanaged servers.

Advantages of Managed Server:

1)    24X7 Expert Support – You don’t have to worry about your server, Hosting provider will provide 24X7 technical support with zero downtime with high loading speed. All the tasks such as server setup, server monitoring, server backup, application installations etc are managed by the admin experts.

2)    High Security – Website protection is the priority task of any hosting provider. Technical experts will do regular virus scanning, firewall configurations, scan spam activities, running required OS updates. Your server will be protected from all the vulnerabilities and will be up all the time.

3)    Server Monitoring – Support team makes sure your website has zero downtime by providing 24×7 server p=monitoring. They keep your server away from vulnerabilities and run your server efficiently.

4)    Server Backup – Losing data is the most annoying nightmare website owner can have. You don’t have to worry about losing data, with managed server data backup is taken automatically.

5)    Server Maintenance – Maintenance services like app installations, log file analysis, server optimization is done by the experts.

6)    Scalability – Servers can easily be scalable according to client’s requirement for running a smooth website.


For the smooth functioning of the website managed dedicated server is the best option.

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