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Why Plesk Hosting to host your Site?

Why Plesk Hosting to host your Site?

If you are planning for purchasing new hosting for your site then you don’t have only think about the budget but also think about what kind of hosting service would be best for you and the functionality of your site.  If you want to host a large database of information then you will need a robust and reliable system that able to handle huge amounts of traffic without crashing.

 When any web hosting solution like VPS or dedicated server is powered by the Plesk control panel or Plesk license is pre-installed on the server, it is known as Plesk hosting. Basically, Plesk is a web hosting platform and the most common brand of the control panel in the market. It allows users to perform a variety of actions while they create their websites. The purpose of this program is to make web hosting easier with a user-friendly interface.



Why Plesk hosting?

Plesk control panel offers valuable advantages that allow users to adapt it to the host site. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Operating System Flexibility

Many companies are preferred to work on Linux machines, while others would like to work on Windows. Parallels Plesk is the solution for both Windows and Linux compatible versions. Your team uses the same control panel on both operating systems with ease; you can easily switch between other platforms.

  • User-friendly Interface

Plesk is the best solution for hosting companies because now users recognize that it is easy to access and comprehensive. However suitable management of a Plesk server does take a knowledgeable sysadmin. The interface of Plesk is significantly more navigable than another option like Remote Desktop. You are able to deal with own server as well as client accounts with ease. You can also take backup or restore Plesk system databases with some easy commands.

  • Multi-Tenant at affordable price

When you want to offer your own web hosting packages to multiple customers, it’s necessary to have a system that allows for multi-tenancy at a cheap cost.  Plesk Panel offers the separation fundamentals which is necessary to easily resell the same core system to multiple tenants.

  • APS Catalog

In the future, there will be a mandatory situation for your IT team to offer specific web applications to your domains. With Plesk’s APS Catalog, you can browse and insert applications to your server’s Application Vault, while still in your Plesk Panel interface.  These reduce the efforts of uploading and configuring applications manually. Additionally, with the APS catalog. The Plesk integration with APS Catalog allows to easily install the applications and working with them in Plesk.

Above are the main reasons to build and maintain your websites with one of the simplest and most intuitive Plesk control panels in the market!

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