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Zipping and Unzipping Files on Linux server

Zipping and Unzipping Files on Linux server

Zip, Gz, Tar, bzip2 are compression and file packaging utility on Linux server.

# To Create zip file :

$zip myfiles.zip Foldername FileName

# To extract zip file :

$ unzip myfiles.zip

# Without unzipping .zip file you can View the contents of *.zip file

unzip -l jasper.zip

# Create a new tar archive

tar cvf myfiles.tar Myfolder/

# Extract from an existing tar archive file.

tar xvf myfiles.tar

# Create a *.gz compressed file:

gzip myfiles

# To uncompress a *.gz file:

gzip -d myfiles.gz

# create a *.bz2 compressed file:

bzip2 test.txt

# To uncompress a *.bz2 file:

bzip2 -d test.txt.bz2

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